Industrial Lighting

How Reclaimed Furniture can be useful in Home Restoration and Interior Design of New Homes and Offices

reclaimed furniture pieces are usually beautifully crafted and at times designed with a combination of different cultures.

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Reclaimed Windows

A Place to Buy and Sell Architectural Savage

Reclaimed Architecture - A marketplace to stimulate your imagination! Learn a little bit about us

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Mason Jar Light

Build Your Own Mason Jar Pendant Lights

Simple DIY way to build mason jar pendant lights with just a few items from your local hardware store and a little bit of your time.

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Reclaimed Old Barn Wood: Uses and Benefits

Vintage or Reclaimed Lighting: What You Need to Know

Everyone today would love the idea of having colorful and distinctive lights in their homes or offices. As a matter of fact, although powered lights have evolved over the years to be more functional and tend to enhance the overall look of a place, almost all lights today have the same similar characteristics.

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